The eyes are considered the windows to the soul. It is the EYEBROWS, however, that focus attention on these magnificent windows and which give order and form to the entire face. In the past, women who suffered from thinning eyebrows have been forced to resort to drawing in eyebrows or to risking an obvious tattoo. No longer! With the revolutionary NeoGraft transplantation system, women can, once again, regain youthful, natural and permanent eyebrows with minimal downtime and discomfort.

How does eyebrow restoration work?

eyebrow restoration NeoGraft

Similar toNeoGraft hair restoration on the head, individual follicles are harvested from the donor area on the scalp and precisely transplanted to the eyebrows taking into account the direction, thickness and curve of the eyebrow area. There is minimal discomfort, no scarring, and a quick recovery. Please contact Physician Transformations for a free consultation to learn howNeoGraft can help you recapture the natural, beautiful look of real eyelashes.

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