Erectile Dysfunction Treatment (ED)

We Solve ED Problems

Are you looking for an answer to erectile dysfunction that doesn’t involve medications like Viagra or surgery? If so, then you are the perfect example of a Physician Transformations patient. We can offer you a long lasting solution not just a bottle full of pills and their potential side effects.  We customize the newest cutting-edge non-surgical treatments for your individual ED treatment.

GAINSWave™ for ED

Physician Transformations is one of just a few in the country to offer the new GAINSWave™ noninvasive, drug-free treatment for erectile dysfunction.  Alone or in combination with testosterone replacement therapy men can regain sexual health and desire once thought impossible. GAINSWave™, uses high-frequency acoustical waves to reverse erectile dysfunction and improve sexual performance. See more details in the video below.

As you get older, the blood vessels that supply blood to your penis begin to break down, or become otherwise restricted over time.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment (ED) with GAINSWaveThe GAINSWave is similar to a process that has been used in Europe for decades to successfully treat men with ED.

However, unlike that treatment which could cause some discomfort, the GAINSWave is pain-free and much more effective.

The treatment uses highly focused waves to remove plaque and open up old blood vessels. In addition this treatment is designed to stimulate the formation of new vessels.

The result is improved blood flow, which helps any man, and not just those with ED, to achieve stronger and more sustainable erections.

Gainswave utilizes the only FDA approved device to ensure the safety and effectiveness of each treatment.

80% of men with ED receiving this remarkable treatment saw a reversal of their condition, and 86% of all men receiving the treatment report positive results and improved sexual performance!

The medical staff at Physician Transformations would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the procedure.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Aging dramatically reduces testosterone levels in men. Along with that can come problems with sexual health, increased body fat, and even depression. If the hormonal imbalances of aging are contributing to your fatigue, weight gain, decreased sexual drive or performance, or overall vitality, you may be a candidate for a hormone replacement program.

We offer physician prescribed, individualized hormone treatment programs at Physician Transformations.  You will be evaluated based on your symptoms, medical history, physical exam, and lab work to determine if you could benefit from hormone therapy.  If so, we will then create a customized hormone replacement therapy program that is the safest and most effective for your individual needs.

If you miss the energy and vitality of the old you, or feel like you would like to get more out of life but just don’t have the energy to do it, call Physician Transformations today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Bryant. We would be happy to assist you in meeting your goal of becoming the best you can be.

Contact us today to find out more about these game changing treatments! You’ll be glad you did.