Physician Transformations offers a variety of payment options and programs to meet each patient’s needs. We accept cash, personal checks, bank checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

care credit

For patients interested in financing, we offer a number of interest free and low interest payment programs through CareCredit©.

You can click on the CareCredit link, apply for CareCredit online at or call (800) 365-8295

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my CareCredit card again?

Yes. As long as you have credit available, you can use CareCredit multiple times for other procedures and you can have different payment plans on your account at the same time without having to reapply.

Will using CareCredit cause problems with my insurance?

No. CareCredit is a revolving line of credit designed specifically to help you pay for healthcare expenses not covered by insurance and does not affect your insurance coverage in any way.

Can I begin treatment right away even if I haven’t received my CareCredit card?

Yes. You can use your CareCredit account immediately. You will receive your card in the mail within three (3) weeks.

Is the information I provide CareCredit confidential?

Yes. Your privacy is important and CareCredit guarantees all personal information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

How do I pay my monthly balance?

You will receive a monthly statement. Simply pay your monthly balance by mail with a check or money order. Or, you can pay online at

Can I use my CareCredit card for other family members?

Yes. You can use CareCredit for your entire family’s healthcare needs (even the family pet) without having to reapply.*

Who do I call if I have questions?

CareCredit has Customer Support Representatives available to assist with all account needs at 866.893.7864.

* Subject to credit approval.