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“I came to Physician Transformations to see what I could do about the wrinkles around my eyes and my uneven complexion ( I’m sorry to say it but I was a sun worshipper.) When Dr. Bryant recommended the fractional CO2 laser treatment, I was initially skeptical about the downtime and the cost. After seeing the before/after pictures of a number of patients, I decided to try the CO2. Within about 5 days, I saw a huge difference in my face. I had a beautiful, even complexion and the lines around my eyes were much less pronounced. My face continued to improve as time went on. I absolutely LOVE the laser facial treatment. I got botox and some juviderm too. It all made such a big difference.”

Pam (PA)

“I had the fractional CO2 laser treatment on my face in April 2009. I still can’t believe what a great result I got with only 1 treatment. While I was puffy and red for a couple of days, I was still able to be out and about doing my grocery shopping and running other errands during this time. Shortly after having the treatment, my friend said I looked like I just returned from a vacation, like I was well-rested. Others just commented that I looked great. I feel like the treatment took years of wear and tear off of my face and plan to repeat the treatment every couple of years.”

Kiersten (PA)

An excerpt from an unsolicited letter to a radio DJ regarding Dr. Bryant:

“Just wanted to drop you a short note to say thanks…I went and had my procedure done on Thursday. Dr. Bryant, Dahlia (spell?) and his assistant…they were all terrific. The procedure went without a hitch….I am SO HAPPY I heard your commercial and that I took your recommendation…I’ll be heading back for more stuff later on in the year…I love those guys…and you too for giving me your honest thoughts…have a great rest of the week.”

Melissa (PA)

An excerpt from an unsolicited review of Dr. Bryant on Realself.com:

“Right from the first time I saw my body out of the compression garment I saw a huge difference. I finally have a nice waistline! I am short waisted so before the procedure I had trouble buying tops that fit me correctly because my hips were so out of proportion. Now, that I’m out of the garment, which I wore religiously for the two weeks, I can’t believe the difference of how my clothing fits. I’m not sure if I lost any weight, but honestly I’m not one to care about what the scale says, I’m more about how I look in the mirror and I am truly pleased with what I see…

The doctor and his two nurses that were in the room made the whole experience so incredibly comfortable for me. We actually played music trivia to the radio that was playing. The first few days were difficult getting around, mostly getting in and out of the car. Each day I feel a little better than the day before so I keep reminding myself of that. I am still not a 100% back to normal but I went back to the gym after 1 1/2 weeks and have adjusted my workouts to what I feel comfortable doing. I think I will be back to my normal level in another week or two. For the result I’ve gotten so far this is a small price to pay.”

Geese (PA)

“When I first heard that Physician Transformations offered free liposuction consultations, I figured I would check it out. Nothing to lose, right? I thought a nurse would spend a couple of minutes with me, give me a quote, and send me on my merry way. Boy was I wrong. Dr. Bryant spent 45 minutes with me! During this time, he examined me and really listened to what I wanted. He took his time answering all of my questions and even brought out important points that I had not thought about. Because of all the personal attention, I assumed Dr. Bryant’s quote would be higher than some of the others I had received. Again, I was wrong. Dr. Bryant’s treatment plan was the most reasonable cost wise that I encountered. The office staff were all really friendly too, not just initially but throughout the entire experience. With my new body, I feel like a new woman. I am so happy I went to Physician Transformations for my surgery!”

Heidi (PA)

“I thought about having liposuction for a couple of years but was extremely nervous about having it done. A friend of mine, who is a nurse, recommended Dr. Bryant because he is an emergency physician as well as a cosmetic surgeon. After I met with the doctor, I was impressed with his knowledge and experience with liposuction. Knowing that he has a background in emergency medicine made me feel confident that no matter what happened, Dr. Bryant would know what to do. My surgery went so smoothly that I have already booked my next one!”

Georgie (PA)

“I’m a marathon runner and I never had to worry about my weight. As I approached fifty, I started noticing that I was developing a gut where there had never been one before. I exercise, I eat right and yet I had stomach fat and love handles that made me feel “out of shape.” When I researched my options online, I learned that the ultrasound laser (Smartlipo/VASER) could permanently get rid of my fat without general anesthesia and without taking too much time off of my exercise routine. I had consultations with a few different doctors. I was most impressed by Dr. Bryant because he had a lot of experience, he was very genuine and there were no “hidden costs” behind his quote. My only regret is that I did not have it done a few years earlier.”

John (Delaware)

“After having my first two children, I exercised heavily and was able to get back in shape relatively quickly. After my last pregnancy, no matter how hard I worked out, I couldn’t get rid of the extra pouch in my stomach area. Dr. Bryant performed my abdominal surgery while I was awake. He said it was safer that way. It wasn’t bad, though; he and his office staff were great. I had it done on a Friday morning and by Monday morning I was back to packing lunches, running errands, and rooting on the kids at the soccer field. I still can’t believe I was able to get back to being “me” so quickly. I look and feel great. I highly recommend the procedure.”

Cassie (PA)

“I selected Dr. Bryant of Physician Transformations to improve and tighten the skin on my chin and neck. It always drooped and made me look and feel older. I met with a number of other doctors. What really stood out to me was the fact that he was NOT a salesperson. He gave me a very realistic idea, right up front, about what liposuction could and couldn’t do for me and what I could expect during and after the procedure. I got the feeling that he truly cared about doing what was best for me. I really appreciated his sincerity and honesty, especially knowing how eager most doctors are to get patients in their office in this economy. My procedure went exactly the way he described it and I love the way my chin and neck turned out. I look 20 years younger. I have referred a few friends and family members to Dr. Bryant and everyone has had the same type of positive experience. Thank you Dr. Bryant!”

Linda (PA)